The ‘World’s First Floating Pool’ — Built Between 2 Buildings, 10 Stories Up — Opens in London

Talk about a daring dip in the water!

The Sky Pool, an 82-foot-long swimming pool built between the 10th stories of two residential buildings in London, is welcoming daredevil swimmers after opening its doors last month.

Described as “the world’s first floating pool” on its website, the unique structure is built from transparent polymer, and suspended 115 feet above ground on steel frames at the Embassy Gardens residential complex to provide swimmers an obstructed view of the London skyline — and the street down below.

According to Embassy Gardens developer Ballymore Group, the pool is also the largest freestanding acrylic pool structure in the world.

“It was an idea that really stood out and that we thought was quite special,” Ballymore CEO Sean Mulryan said in a press release. “It’s only because of advances in technology that we’re able to do this. Swimming in it will make you feel like you’re floating in air.”

The structure was constructed in Colorado in part with a solid, 14-inch-thick piece of acrylic before making a three-week journey to London.