The Delgados reunite for first shows in 18 years

The Delgados in 2000


The Delgados have announced details of a string of reunion shows that will see the band perform live for the first time in 18 years.

The Glasgow band announced their reunion last week (June 8), along with a montage of footage and quotes, soundtracked by a number of their songs.

Additionally, the band shared a statement explaining that the band first began speaking about the idea on the way to Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai’s wedding.

“Two of us couldn’t play very well and two couldn’t play at all but that unlearned sensitivity was our guide. Fast forward 25 or so years – the band has been split up for 15 of them – and we’re driving to Stuart Braithwaite’s wedding. We’ve spent hardly any time with each other for over a decade and like before it’s effortless, simple… and the thought occurs that it might be good to play together once again.”

The band said: “When we started The Delgados in 1994, it instantly felt effortless and simple. There was a synergy and a chemistry. Four people pulling in different directions, but towards the same destination.