Tempted by a New Year cleanse?

In case there’s any doubt about which month we’re in, we can always rely on the steady avalanche of detox programs the algorithm serves up to remind us. And while there’s nothing wrong with craving a New Year reset, there are far better ways to get a leg up in the health and happiness stakes this January.
The new year is here! Cue every fad diet and detox plan crawling out of the darkest corners of wellness limbo to cleanse us from our eyeballs to our colons .
Just like the gum stuck in the grooves of your sneakers, these detox plans are hard to shake, but this year there’s been a palpable pushback on the new year, new you rhetoric. The pressure to transform into a new person simply because the date now ends in a four instead of a three is slowly going out of vogue.
And while it’s great that the pressure to magically transform into a new and improved you is easing, there’s nothing wrong with using this time of year as a catalyst for a kind of stock take on the way we hope to live moving forward. 
If that’s not you right now, then cool, keep being the brilliantly whole being you already are. But if it is, well, great! Before you dive in, click close cart on the juicer, and let’s explore some ways to focus that big change energy away from fad diets and colon cleanses, and towards a long-term love affair with your mind, body, and soul.

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