Tears for the Dying’s Epitaph, And More Music News and Gossip

Death-rockers Tears For The Dying just released a new album, Epitaph, that is undoubtedly the long-running group’s most laser-focused and satisfying work. This album features 17 songs, a handful of which appeared on the March 2020 EP release Memories. After nearly two decades as a project and band, Tears For The Dying is finally getting some much-deserved recognition, and the time it spent in relative, uh, darkness seems like exactly the kind of woodshedding opportunity it needed.

All due praises should go straight to founder Adria Stembridge’s inbox for keeping it alive so long. The sheer aggression of this album is nearly tangible, and unlike other records by the band, much of this is turned outward. Key to Tears For The Dying’s overall sound and aesthetic is that they always keep at least one foot solidly planted in straight-up punk and hardcore, as exemplified on tracks like “ACAB” and “All For Nothing.” That said, I’m far more partial to the moodier and goth-ier material like “Monochopsis,” “Deadweight” and “Dazzle The Sun.” The record also features two remixes by Tom Ashton (March Violets, touring member of Clan of Xymox, guest player with Sisters of Mercy, et al.) so that’s a nice bonus. Stream and purchase this over at tearsforthedying.bandcamp.com and hoist your flag at facebook.com/TearsForTheDying.

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