Symphony continues rich mix of music in 2021-22

Symphony continues rich mix of music in 2021-22. The Fort Smith Symphony is taking the lessons learned during the pandemic and incorporating them into a 2021-22 season that promises everything fans have always loved — and more. “We wanted to present a season of variety that audiences would enjoy,” says Music Director John Jeter. “It’s a thank you for all who supported us and attended our concerts as well as a welcome back for people who took the year off from attending.”

These are some of the changes for the season: As one of only a few orchestras in the nation performing full concerts during the covid-19 shutdown, the Fort Smith Symphony learned that audiences preferred an early start time, so the concerts for 2021-22 will begin at 7 p.m., not 7:30 p.m. as has been traditional. “Three quarters of our audiences requested an earlier starting time,” Jeter says.

Jeter also learned that listeners preferred the concert presented without interruption. So in the 2021-22 season, performances will be about 75 minutes without intermission. That earlier conclusion has created space for what Jeter calls “a major addition to our concerts.” “We are offering post concert ‘after parties’ directly after all of our concerts at the Bakery District, which is across the street from the concert hall,” he explains.