Singer-songwriter Felecia Ford returns strong with ‘Ocean of Love’

It’s been seven years since singer-songwriter Felecia Ford released her first solo record Kissing Booth, and in that time, she’s been writing constantly. Ford comes back swinging this week with Ocean of Love, the culmination of life, love, lessons and hope. You’ll find Ford performing a number of shows this week with her new band Mega Muse, so it’s obviously time for an interview.

Felecia Ford: I’ve been working on this album since before the COVID lockdown. I had several songs already recorded, then we took the year off and finished it up right before I moved to Mexico. By that time it was a goal—I just wanted to get it completely done so I didn’t leave it behind. I just feel it’s the time for me. [My daughter] Bella graduated from New Mexico School for the Arts; my kids are both out of the house now, and I felt it’s time to continue my career. I never stopped doing music, I never stopped writing music, and this is my time to step out and do what I’m meant to do.

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