Simon Cowell’s deadly ‘America’s Got Talent’ stunt shocks audience: ‘We need a medic!’

Terry Crews react after Simon Cowell is shot with an arrow on 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: NBC)

Simon Cowell sat out most of last year’s America’s Got Talent season after seriously injuring his back in a freak bike accident. And for one scary moment this week, it looked like he would be sidelined again — when an audition by a returning “comedy danger act” went horrifyingly awry, leaving Simon gasping on the stage floor with an arrow piercing his chest and panicked host Terry Crews crying out for a medic.

Daredevils Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker first made a huge impression — albeit not necessarily a good one — five years ago during the AGT Season 11 semifinals, when Amberlynn accidentally shot a flaming arrow into her partner’s neck on live television. Luckily, Ryan survived, although he and Amberlynn did not survive that week’s voting round and were eliminated. But the bizarre incident went down as one of the most shocking moments in AGT history, from (according to Simon) “one of the nuttiest acts we’ve ever had.” This week, right after newest judge Sofia Vergara proclaimed that her favorite AGT acts are “stuff that is dangerous… when something horrific is going to happen, that’s what I love about this show,” Simon revealed that he’d invited back Ryan and Amberlynn… who announced, “We’ve been working on the crossbow act — and we’re doing scarier things.”