Say Hello to the Zoomsie™, the World’s First Integrated Work-From-Home Fashion Solution

PRNewswire/ — Peppercomm, a leading strategic communications and marketing agency, today announced the launch of the world’s first integrated work-from-home fashion solution: the Zoomsie™. The innovative unitog is much more than a clever portmanteau of zoom and onesie. The garment combines fashion-forward business attire on the top with luxurious, breathable joggers on the bottom, offering professionals who rely heavily on videoconferencing a truly two-of-a-kind experience.

The Zoomsie, which has already sold out a pre-order of 10,000 pieces priced at $139.99 each, will be unveiled at an exclusive, invitation-only virtual fashion show on April 1. Visit to submit a request to view the show and join the buyer’s waiting list.

“While it may be unusual for a communications and marketing agency to launch a fashion line, no one has ever accused us or me of being usual,” said Peppercomm founder and CEO Steve Cody. “When we see a pressing market need, we move to meet it. And in today’s unprecedented times, professionals need the Zoomsie to look their best above the waistline while staying chill below. Even better, it creates a diversified revenue stream and some cool new swag for the firm.”