Sally Beauty launches new campaign for hair color category

Dubbed ‘You by Sally’, the campaign celebrates the vivid, bright shades of its fastest growing hair color category and includes a feature from Heather Chelan, a London-based TikTok creator and musician, who most recently went viral with a 15-second clip, where she sang about how ‘Having Colored Hair Doesn’t Make You Unprofessional.’ Now, Sally is developing a full version of the song titled, ‘Colored Hair’, which will serve as an anthem and rally cry for Sally Beauty’s new campaign
‘You by Sally’.

Other partners include popular “granfluencer” Baddie Winkle who has over 3.5 million Instagram followers; professional dancer Marquese “NonStop” Scott; Non-Profit founder & LGBTQ+ advocate Brian Terada, and more.

The campaign arrives as the company saw its U.S. and Canada vivid hair color segment grow by approximately 53 percent, during the period from January to March 2021, representing approximately 27 percent of total color sales.

“Interest in vivid hair color was already rising, but the pandemic brought a heightened sense of self-expression with our consumer – they were emboldened to try something new,” said Sally Beauty Holding Group vice president, marketing, Carolyne Guss.

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