Russian court shuts down Navalny-linked groups

A russian court on Wednesday shut down groups linked to outspoken Kremlin critic Alexie Navalny after determining they were “extremist.”

Both Navalny’s regional political offices and his Anti-Corruption Foundation, known as FBK, were ordered to be liquidated and transferred to the ownership of the Russian Federation, according to a statement from the Moscow City Court’s press service. The decision also renders all members ineligible to run for office in the future.

“The decision is subject to immediate execution in terms of the termination of the activities of these organisations,” the court wrote.

The legal group representing Navalny and his allies, Team 29, railed against the decision from Russian authorities and said members of the dissident’s organizations could be subject to up to six years in prison for violating the new provisions.

“The organizations were banned from spreading any information, performing financial transactions, as well as participating in elections and organizing actions,” Team 29 wrote in a statement. “Ordinary employees of the organization, as well as those who commit ‘deliberate actions related to the continuation or renewal of the activities of this organization,’ will face up to six years in prison.”

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