Residents living near cryptocurrency business complain about noise

Robert Jordan and other residents in the area of Stahlheber Road and Northwest Washington Boulevard have complained about what they say is a noisy business operating nearby on property owned by the city of Hamilton. NICK GRAHAM / STAFF

Two residents complained in July to Hamilton’s planning commission about loud noise that comes from a cryptocurrency company operating on city-owned property near the intersection of Stahlheber Road and Carlisle Avenue.

At that July 15 meeting, they were assured new zoning regulations would prevent that company from returning without first going through a zoning process, and all people who own property within 500 feet would be informed about it.

The company is back, but Robert Jordan, who lives nearby on Stahlheber Road, said he never received advance notice that would happen, or the chance to argue against it.

The city in September signed a new lease agreement with the company, allowing it to return to the city-owned property, which has an electric substation on it.

So far, since their return in recent weeks, the three trailers operated by WT Data Mining and Science Corp., also known as Wise & Trust Data Centers and Infrastructure, haven’t been as loud as they were before, but Jordan fears that’s because the air-conditioning fans don’t have to operate as much during the colder weather to cool the company’s computers.