Redesigned Spotify desktop app is now available for Windows 10

Popular third-party Windows 10 apps have seen a flurry of changes in the last few months, with companies like Instagram ditching their native desktop apps for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). The latest is a Progressive Web App for Spotify that replaces the existing desktop client.

If you’ve not heard of web apps or PWAs, they are simply websites offered as native apps, and they can be used just like a normal app. These web apps run in their own containers and users don’t have to open a web browser.

First announced in March, Spotify’s redesigned desktop app is now available for both Windows 10 and macOS. The new look is rolling out via a server-side update. Just updating the app from the Microsoft Store won’t force the new design as you’ll need to wait for a server-side change.

Notably, we found strings for this change in the last Microsoft Store update for Spotify, which was published on May 2 with version number 1.158.820.0. If you haven’t received the redesign, make sure that you’re using the latest version available in the Store.

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