Red Rocks: Nature’s perfect music stage

It’s 7 a.m., and on the outskirts of Denver, one of America’s most iconic music venues is already abuzz.

“Circle your arms up, star pose, look up, exhale hands to the heart, squat sit low, one more, then we pause …”

This is Red Rocks, an amphitheatre formed by nature, and shaped by humans that might provide the most incredible vista ever for your vinyasa. Each weekend morning in June and July, thousands of yoga enthusiasts flock to Red Rocks, which is just starting its day.

Meanwhile, in a mere 12 hours, this place will be packed with a whole new group of people ready to vibe out under the stars.

“Every night feels special when you’re working here, but there have been millions of those nights,” said Brian Kitts, the spokesperson for Red Rocks. And he’s not exaggerating; there have been millions of nights like these. Scientists say somewhere between 70-40 million years ago, a geological event called the Laramide Orogeny pushed two giant red rocks into the position they’re still in today, making it safe to say this is probably the oldest music venue in America.

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