Police to crack down on drones flown dangerously

Police in the UK are being given new powers to crack down on people flying drones irresponsibly or illegally, with dedicated teams on the lookout for those breaking the rules.

Last week a drone user was fined more than £5,000 for flying illegally over MI6’s building in central London.

Police working for Operation Foreverwing can now confiscate drones being flown dangerously.

They will also be able to issue on-the-spot fines.

The Home Office, which worked closely with the police in setting up Operation Foreverwing in March, said that officers will be given “the tools needed to tackle drone misuse”.

This will include specialist equipment, vehicles and training.

“This represents a landmark moment for the UK in tackling this new and developing threat,” said Shaun Hipgrave, Home Office director responsible for counter-drones.

Under the rules, anyone operating a drone that either weighs 250 grams or more, or one fitted with a camera, has to register with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They must also pass a test on the CAA website.

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