Pixibo: Try-before-you-buy fashion even if you are shopping online

We have all increased the amount of shopping online since the Coronavirus outbreak, which also means that we have all bought something online only to find that when it arrives, it is totally the wrong size, or the style actually makes us uncomfortable. So what can we do about it? When it came to pre-COVID shopping, we dropped into a store to try something on, right? But if you’re shopping at an online-only brand, what do you do?

This is where the new company Pixibo has stepped in to help. Instead of ordering – and paying for – three different sizes of a garment and then having to send it back and fight for a refund on the two sizes that don’t fit, Pixibo will basically do it for you. You choose the items on a particular website you want to buy, but instead of shipping them to your home, you have them sent to the Pixibo Fit Centre, where you can try them on. You only need to pay for the item you actually want to buy, i.e. the one that fits. If you decide you don’t want any of the items, then Pixibo will organise to return them to the original retailer.