Pikes Peak region musician Judith Piazza finds creative outlet in Curbside Culture series

“Healing sound,” with elements of nature and human connection added, is something Green Mountain Falls drummer and versatile “Sound Medicine Woman” Judith Piazza offers hearers and participants in her musical offerings. COPPeR’s Curbside Culture Series — established during the pandemic — may have inspired Piazza’s “Porch Songs.”

Piazza performed last year with Curbside Culture for the dedication of the cog railway car in Woodland Park on a chilly winter day in February. “Like the coldest day you could’ve ever imagined, and the wind was just blowing, and we were in the middle of the stuff with Covid.” She stayed outside for that and played handpan — a melodic percussion instrument made of two steel pans glued together — with gloves on half of her hand.

The idea of connecting artists with listeners at events outside got Piazza thinking. And as it goes with creativity, a new plan developed. She thought, “That’s a cool idea that they would hire musicians and have some kind of curbside thing — so why not my porch?” Piazza then coordinated a few small, but not very publicized since parking was limited, opportunities to gather for live music out in front of her house.