Ones to Watch: London Fashion Week June Edition

Ben Osborn

Don’t mistake him for the Sheffield United footballer who bears the same name. In the context of fashion, Ben Osborn is a Royal College of Art graduate who will be presenting his spring 2022 collection at London Fashion Week: Discovery Lab on Monday.

Construction, materiality and proportion are three keywords for the brand. The designer said he aims to create a certain feeling through combinations of surfaces and forms that move in a particular way.

“I generate ideas through making and material sourcing with the aim of creating products that are very focused, without too many peripheral elements. In terms of process, I have quite a technical approach. I like things to have a sense of reality, with an ease that feels believable,” he said.

As a men’s wear designer, Osborn said he is often considering the idea of masculinity, recognizing certain aspects which feel excluded. He is drawn to things that feel fragile, or form around the body in a certain way.

For the new collection, Osborn found inspiration from furniture, protective uniforms and historical tailoring, and explored the idea of “a portable environment.”

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