Nostalgia for the 70s: the fashion trend that’s stayin’ alive

With many of the pandemic’s fashion trends being led by TV and music videos, a trio of new films suggest 1970s fashion will be returning in a big way and that the post-Covid “going out again” wardrobe is to be more unexpectedly daring.

Ben Affleck was recently photographed filming The Tender Bar, set in the 70s, wearing flared jeans, aviators, a Cuban-collared jersey and clog-like loafers. His look comes hot on the heels of snaps from House of Gucci. Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani, the wife of Maurizio Gucci – grandson of the founder of the house of Gucci – in a story that begins in 1973 and is full of decadent Italian fashion.

Pictures from the set of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Soggy Bottom show Bradley Cooper decked all in white, with an open-chested pilgrim shirt topped off by a feathered John Travolta hairdo. Cooper has apparently morphed into Barry Gibb on the cover of Barbra Streisand’s Guilty album. Read more