New ways into the lucrative world of data science

Reports of six-figure salaries abounded as businesses competed for staff to slice and dice data in pursuit of business lessons and emerging trends.

Recruitment firm PageGroup cites annual salaries for data science work of between £60,000-150,000, while cautioning that the job title covers a huge range of disciplines and responsibilities.

The line has become blurred between data science and other tasks such as data analysis. James Hobson, a technology specialist at PageGroup notes that “there are different interpretations of what constitutes a data scientist”.

Whatever the title, demand for staff has outstripped the supply of those traditionally considered suitable to the work, usually candidates with doctorates in computer science.

So new entrants are coming into the field from unorthodox routes, aided by new software packages. Edward Green and Balraj Oates are two of those, although they both hesitate over the data scientist label.

For Mr Green, his data science journey began at 15 when he embarked on series of extended stays in London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital while being treated for a complex medical problem that required three bouts of surgery over two and a half years.

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