New location for downtown music store

Durango’s place to find guitar strings when the ill-timed snap occurs is moving to the 1200 block of Main Avenue.

“We’ll be across from Buckley Park, and with all the music that goes on there, I couldn’t ask for a better location,” said Jim Gillaspy, owner of Jimmy’s Music & Supply.

Gillaspy, a former owner of Katzin Music & Studios, which operated in Durango for almost 40 years, opened Jimmy’s Music & Supply in July 2018.

After the closure of Katzin left local musicians with no place to buy a capo, to replace guitar strings or to buy a piano method book, opening a smaller music store made sense, Gillaspy said.

The focus of Jimmy’s is on supplies and accoutrements for instruments, principally focusing on guitars and keyboards.

Katzin Music & Studio provided an array of new instruments for music lovers around the Four Corners, but it found that market dissolving from online competition.

Jimmy’s will confine new instruments sales to acoustic guitars and ukuleles from Teton and Yamaha keyboards.

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