N.Korea Dismisses U.S. Humanitarian Aid as ‘Sinister Scheme’

U.S. humanitarian aid is a “sinister political scheme” to put pressure on other countries, a North Korean researcher said, after suggestions from U.S. allies such as South Korea that coronavirus vaccines or other help could promote cooperation. North Korea’s foreign ministry published the criticism of U.S. aid on an official website on Sunday, a clear indication that it reflects government thinking.

Kang Hyon Chol, identified as a senior researcher at the ministry-affiliated Association for the Promotion of International Economic and Technological Exchange, listed a series of examples from around the world that he said highlight a U.S. practice of linking aid to its foreign policy goals or pressure on human rights issues.

“This vividly reveals that the American ulterior intention of linking ‘humanitarian assistance’ with ‘human rights issue’ is to legitimise their pressure on the sovereign states and achieve their sinister political scheme,”. Among the examples he listed was declining American assistance to the government in Afghanistan, where the United States is due to withdraw the last of its troops in coming weeks.