My Chemical Romance new limited-edition makeup collection on the way

My Chemical Romance have announced a new limited-edition makeup collection with HipDot. The new line was inspired by their 2010 album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.

The collection features an eye shadow palette, eyeliner duo, eye primer and a four-piece lip gloss set. The star of the set is the Art Is the Weapon eye shadow palette. It’s full of eye-catching colors that match the aesthetic of the Danger Days era, from the neon pink “Show Pony” to the glittery turquoise “Motorbaby.” The tamest color in the bunch is a deep brown transition shade called “Keep Running.” All of the shadows are embossed with the spider that appears on the Danger Days cover.

Better White Liner Duo set is next, featuring two bright white eyeliners—one a liquid pen and the other a twist-up kohl pencil. The collection also comes with the Better Base White Primer Pot to make sure all of the bright colors in the eye shadow palette pop.

Last but not least is the Fabulous Killjoy lip kit. The four metallic glosses come in Kobra Kid (red), Party Poison (yellow), Fun Ghoul (silver) and Jet Star (blue), each representing a band member’s Danger Days character. Mikey Way is Kobra Kid, Gerard Way is Party Poison, Frank Iero is Fun Ghoul and Ray Toro is Jet Star.

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