Mottarone cable car crash: Italy investigates cause of accident

Italy has launched an investigation into the cause of Sunday’s cable car accident that left 14 people dead.

The car plunged 20m (65ft) into the side of the Mottarone mountain near Lake Maggiore in northern Italy.

Thirteen people died at the scene including a two year old child. Two other children, aged nine and five, were airlifted to hospital in Turin but the older child later died.

Five Israeli nationals were among the dead, Israel’s foreign ministry says.

On Monday, the crumpled remains of the cable car were sealed off and technicians prepared to examine the wreckage.

Prosecutors in Milan said they had opened an investigation into involuntary homicide and negligence. Investigators said they had also seized the operating company’s technical and maintenance documentation.

A lawyer for the company, Ferrovie del Mottarone, said maintenance and checks had been carried out regularly, La Repubblica newspaper reported. The cables were not due to be replaced until 2029, the newspaper added.

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