Montgomery family hit milestone in culinary world tour

An appetising alphabetical adventure is about to reach its 100th country’s cuisine.

Five years ago, Stuart and Georgina Taylor, who are passionate about food and cooking, decided to spice up their culinary repertoire by travelling the world, metaphorically, and creating authentic dishes from countries around the globe.

Having two small children, Freddie and Sophie, they wanted to encourage them to eat well, taste new flavours, and learn about the world at the same time.

And so began their Around the World Food Adventure.

Stuart researches the recipes, sources the ingredients and cooks the dishes, and has also done some blogging about their experiences.

Each time they prepare a new dish, the children find out about the country, geographically and culturally, reproduce the flag, and take a photo of the meal and flag as a reminder.

Sophie, who was 18 months old when the adventure began, has become a keen cook and likes to help her dad in the kitchen whenever she can. Along the way, the family has been joined by baby Charlie, now two years old.