Moda Magazine hosts virtual Fashion Week for tenth anniversary

Among the publications of UW, Moda Magazine shines with specialty, professionalism and community-building during Fashion Week. While last year was canceled due to the pandemic, their team adapted the events of 2021 to a safe, virtual format allowing UW affiliates and the outer public alike — regardless of location — to participate in a fashion-forward week.

Moda Magazine is a part of WUD Publications and identifies as a premier fashion and lifestyle publication with an intersectional feminist theme. Its mission is to create a voice for any and all students, bringing fashion, culture, arts, lifestyle and men’s wear media to the community.

For each issue, they address different issues in pop culture and create dialogue about how the public may find solutions to these problems. An example is their use of the word “plastic” in their latest issue, which featured plastic-like clothing and dove into the fake or “plastic” traits that are unfairly synonymous with femininity.

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