Meet Bijou Karman, the US artist tapped by Salvatore Ferragamo for its pre-autumn 2021 collection

To celebrate its pre-autumn 2021 capsule collection, the Italian house of Salvatore Ferragamo reached out to six artists around the world. Called Tuscan Wildflowers, the collection is based on the flowers of the Italian region of Tuscany, of which Florence is the capital. It is an area close to the heart of the brand, as it was in Florence that the company was founded in 1927.

Ferragamo approached French painter Lucas Beaufort, Spanish sculptor Diego Cadezas, and Brazillian painter and illustrator, Marina Papi. Also involved was Boree Hur, the South Korean painter, and the Italian collective, Art Media Studio. The final name on that list was Los Angeles fashion illustrator and artist with the poetic moniker of Bijou Karman.

Named for the French word for jewellery (“my parents wanted a unique name and went into a French dictionary and landed on Bijou,” she explains) it seems fitting that Karman would have an eye for design. And her colourful, vintage-inspired images are both exuberantly upbeat and beautifully executed. The project Ferragamo enlisted the artists for is called Dream to Travel. Hatched during the most static days of the pandemic lockdown, Ferragamo decided that if we could not travel in body, we could certainly travel in mind, and asked the artists to pay homage to eight locations scattered across the globe.