Master Peace Leads Us Through His Fave Pop Bangers

“I live, breath, eat and shit this music thing,” he told NME. “People who call me a grime rapper are wrong, I’m a rock star.” It’s hard to argue with him: Master Peace is making a career out of defying expectations and genres. His tracks run from rap to punk to pop and back again, taking in influences like No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac, Wu-Tang, Biggie, Big L, and Nirvana.

“One minute, I might sing an indie love song or some surfer rock and then it might transition into chaotic punk and hood raps,” he told NME. “You’ll never be able to predict what’s coming next and you’re either going to fucking love it or fucking hate it, like Marmite, but so long as you feel something, I’ve done my job!”

There aren’t many rappers out there that would call No Doubt one of their favourite bands, for example. That’s largely what makes Master Peace such a relentless exciting artist — that, and his magnetic onstage presence, which has seen him gather a sizeable following back in his hometown. This Friday, June 18, he’ll drop his new EP Public Display of Affection, which follows frenetic singles like ‘PDA’, and the just-released ‘Slow Slong’, featuring fellow London rapper Kasien.