Loewe: Funky rave party hedonism

Clubbing culture without any boundaries at Loewe, where the key inspiration this season were the funky naïve paintings of sexual liberation by German artist, Florian Krewer.

Clubbing culture from the disco-ball dresses to psychedelic bugle-bead mini-cocktails and tanks. Including the first rate, Rasta-haired, naked torso dancer who was the real star of the latest fashion flick from Loewe, Spain’s most prestigious luxury label. Even Anderson’s elephant bag for Loewe got the bugle-bead treatment.

His cast appearing in a four-minute video in triple-layer, acid-hued oversized basketball tanks or huge satin bow tops for models who looked mainly masculine, yet faintly genderless. Unveiled on Saturday as part of the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and available for all to see on that platform.

A show video that included abstract versions of Loewe’s soft, gothic logo seen on loosely woven knits or sheer pink chiffon tops; worn over long multi-strand skirts and great acrylic, green rope pants.

“Awkward beauty in a kind of optimism stage,” explained Loewe’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson in the video.

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