Liverpool musicians join forces to save the local music scene

Musicians from across Liverpool are coming together to save music venues across the city centre

Artists such as Jamie Webster and Zuzu are joining forces with other North West acts like The Lathums (Lath-ums / Not Lay-thums) and The Lottery Winners to record The Farm’s iconic hit ‘All Together Now’

It’s to raise money for the local scene brought to its knees by the pandemic

Joe Maddocks from local band RATS tells us why he wanted to get involved :

“If we don’t support places like Zanzibar and we don’t support places like Phase One or The Jacaranda after the pandemic then how are the next Zutons or The Coral supposed to come from this city?

“We’re not going to get this next generation coming up because of the pandemic.

“The music scene in this city has never been so diverse and it’s never been so big. this is our time now. I’m fully confident this city will shine after the pandemic.

“It was great to record All together Now, I remember the song from match days growing up going to watch Everton. Big honour to be recoding it and big shout out to The Farm for letting us use it”.