Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #9

Japanese doom metal band Church of Misery takes early Black Sabbath influences and makes them just a bit more extreme. “Born to Raise Hell (Richard Speck)” has the groove of a hard rock song, but the guitar and bass distortion make their style much more heavy and sharp. The song reeks of pre-2000s rebellion. A very accessible band to dive into within the extreme metal genre.

The “I Am Not A Human Being” era of Lil Wayne is extremely underrated. “I Am Not A Human Being” may be one of the most popular songs of that era, but the song has numerous dynamics most mainstream songs never have. Wayne is, of course, working his magic on the mic while the production has a hard-hitting static hip-hop emphasis. The track’s mixing is the unsung hero, so many elements are thrown together without error.

Sheck Wes may not be the most dynamic rapper, but his songs provide a lot of energetic enjoyment. “Rich One Day” has an entrancing other-worldly background instrumental that is complemented nicely with bass and hi-hats. It’s very easy to get lost in “Rich One Day.”

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