Leading Note Studios Wins Music School Of The Year 2020

Congratulations to Leading Note Studios owner Camille Hastings for winning the 2020 Music Academy Success System School of the Year Award! Nominated through MASS in a competition involving over three hundred schools nationwide, Leading Note Studios won Music School of the Year in a ranking amongst the top 7 schools in the nation.

Leading Note continues to bring music & joy to the community, serving over 580 clients weekly from toddlers to adults. All music experience levels are welcome. The school offers recitals, camps, instrument rentals, lesson packages, and an in-house recording studio.

With over 12 years of experience, The Encinitas-based music school opened its second location in February 2020. In the face of the pandemic, Lead Note Studios provided zoom lessons and maintained their diligence and commitment to their students, never once canceling a lesson. Lessons are now offered online and in person.

With a variety of music summer camps coming up, Leading Note Studios owner Camille Hastings said “We’ll keep the classes small and safe but we’ll keep people laughing and bring music to your household.”

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