Jamie Lynn Spears Details Britney Knife Incident, Accuses Parents of Isolating Her

Another furious Instagram post from Britney Spears might soon be on its way. Tensions have been rising between the singer and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who just gave another tell-all interview in the run-up to her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said.

The first installment of the Sweet Magnolias actress’ interview with podcaster Alex Cooper dropped Monday night, and its follow-up will be released Tuesday night on Spotify. Part one explores Jamie Lynn’s upbringing as the “oops baby” within the Spears clan, and how the tabloid frenzy surrounding their family made life unbearable for pretty much everyone involved. Jamie Lynn also detailed a widely discussed anecdote from her book in which Britney supposedly locked them in a room with a knife, as well as the ways their family and teams kept the sisters isolated from each other.

Britney Spears has recently spoken out against her sister for publishing a book at her “expense” in an increasingly intense public feud. As a source told Page Six, “Now that she’s free, Britney wanted to share everything that she’s been through when she was ready, but Jamie Lynn beat her to the punch.” TMZ reports that Jamie Lynn has axed her upcoming book tour after asking her sister to bring their “embarrassing” public exchanges to an end. (Britney, meanwhile, appears to be softening her tone as well; she ended her most recent post directed at her sister with the words, “Just know I love you.”

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