It’s A Lifestyle: These 4 Brands Offer Both Fashion & Clean Beauty

Designers will be the first to admit the world doesn’t need more brands—and yet we crave beautiful things that make us feel good, inside and out. As shoppers, we’re always searching for our next go-t0, whether in fashion or beauty. That’s why many brands today are choosing to make it all, creating a full lifestyle for their customers to dive into.

These four companies are doing just that, by offering natural beauty products and apparel or accessories.

Saie was founded in 2019 to prove that makeup can be “clean, cool and unforgettable,” the brand’s founder and CEO, Laney Crowell, said.

After Crowell left her job as a fashion editor at Estée Lauder, she started a blog where she wrote about health, wellness and clean beauty. She was constantly testing out products, and over time she realized there was a big gap in the color market for “clean products that were high performing but also had chic, fashionable branding, weren’t too expensive and were thoughtful about sustainability,” she said.

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