How To Create Your Own Auto-GPT AI Agent ?

To get good output from ChatGPT or another LLM, you usually have to feed it several prompts. But what if you could just give your AI bot a set of fairly broad goals at the start of a session and then sit back while it generates its own set of tasks to fulfill those goals? That’s the idea behind Auto-GPT, a new open-source tool that uses the OpenAI API (same LLM as ChatGPT) to prompt itself, based on your initial input. 
We’ve already seen a number of Twitter users talk about how they are using Auto-GPT for everything from creating marketing plans to analyzing market data for investments to preparing topics for a podcast. Based on our hands-on experience, we can’t say that it always works well (we asked it to write a Windows 11 how-to and the result was awful), but it’s early days and some tasks may work better than others.
If you want to try Auto-GPT on your computer, it is easy to install, and while there are a few sticky points in the process, we’ve found ways to work with them, or around them to write this condensed guide on how to create your own Auto-GPT AI to help you in your goals.

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