How TikTok Is Fostering A New Generation Of Fashion Archivists

Secondhand luxury shopping has never been more mainstream. Credit a rising interest in sustainability or the increase in pandemic-fueled online shopping, but thrifting for designer pieces has reached an entirely new pitch.

And within that world, a specific trend has emerged: archival fashion — pivotal pieces in fashion history, such as Vivienne Westwood’s corset, Raf Simons’ bomber jacket, and early 2000s John Galliano-designed Dior. This isn’t just any old vintage shopping. These are pieces that have helped solidify designer careers and are highly sought after. Though wily collectors long knew to sniff out archival pieces, more and more casual shoppers are joining their ranks. Increasingly, they’re broadcasting their finds on TikTok using #ArchiveFashion.

Over the last two years, the Gen Z-beloved platform has allowed budding fashion archivists and fans of fashion history to find a community where they can learn, trade tips, and show off their closets. Unlike marketplaces like eBay, TikTok allows users to have a direct line to interact with each other in a candid way. As a result, the #ArchiveFashion tag has over 14 million views.

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