How Artist And Fashion Designer Federico Uribe Creates Suits That Are An Extension Of His Installations

Miami based artist Federico Uribe is known not only for his art installations but also for his unique and self-made suits. Originally from Colombia, the fashion designer and artist talks about his suits, as he plans to start his own clothing line in the future.

Uribe is known for not just creating art but wanting to be a part of his art. I started about twenty-five years ago. I wanted to design everything about me and live in an environment where everything had meaning,” he muses. “So, I designed my furniture, bed linen, tablecloths, and my own clothing. At that time, I did not have the opportunity to make installations, I just wanted to have different suits that were conceptually created and mostly with nature related subjects.”

His art form is rooted in sculpture and painting, including everyday objects as a way to be sustainable to create classical art pieces.

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