Green fashion goals

KAREN KANISHA’S fashion art is statement-making not only for her beautiful illustrations of dramatic ball gowns and dresses in various mediums such as colour pencils, pens, crayons and acrylics.

Her deft use of discarded junk such as scrap fabric, paper bags and other materials is just as unique.

While the designer-illustrator draws stunning fashion art, her ultimate goal is to highlight upcycling and creating sustainable art, using leftover material to create collage, in which pieces of fabric and paper cut-outs are arranged and pasted on a drawing.

“Through my art, I would like to teach the importance of sustainability to the next generation, explains Karen. “Sustainability can be a fun and creative process that everyone take part in, for a better future.”

Karen (Instagram @MissKay_fluffy) has used paper bags from international fashion and cosmetic brands, even daisy petals to create aesthetically beautiful pieces which stand out from other fashion artists.

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