Google AI tool can help patients identify skin conditions

A trial of the “dermatology assist tool”, unveiled at the tech giant’s annual developer conference, Google IO, should launch later this year, it said.

The app has been awarded a CE mark for use as a medical tool in Europe.

A cancer expert said AI advances could enable doctors to provide more tailored treatment to patients.

The AI can recognise 288 skin conditions but is not designed to be a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment, the firm said.

It has taken three years to develop, and has been trained on a dataset of 65,000 images of diagnosed conditions, as well as millions of images showing marks people were concerned about, and thousands of pictures of healthy skin, in all shades and tones.

As well as using images, the app also requires patients to answer a series of questions online.

It is based on previous tools developed by Google for learning to spot the symptoms of certain cancers and tuberculosis.

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