Fashion Friday: Spring fashion trends for men and women

It’s time to get excited for the brand-new spring fashion trends for both men and women.

The Wardrobe Consultant, Hallie Abrams, says this year…it’s all about pink.

“Every new season there are new trends, some are prevalent and relevant. Those gain more traction and stay for multiple seasons. This season pink is in. Not millennial pink, but bubble gum pink, like Hubba Bubba. It’s great fun, looks good on most people, easy way to infuse newness into wardrobe for the season,” Abrams says.

Let’s be clear: Bright pink for everybody.

Abrams says it looks good with almost anything, like some light-washed skinny jeans.

Another trend is simply making the transition from our work-at-home clothes, to actual work-clothes, a bit easier. We’re talking about shirts, pants, and blazers for men and women.

“The other great thing is it’s made from a performance material, it’s cooling, it makes it comfy. Looks like dress shirt but feels like Under Armour shirt and that’s another trend I’m seeing for men and women this season,” Abrams adds.

The goal here is to take the comfort of working from home back into the workplace.

Ladies, one more thing: The big chunky chains from the 90’s are back, so don’t be afraid to rock them.

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