Fashion for Good selects young creatives to create Grow 2.0 exhibition with biomaterials

As announced at the beginning of the year, global sustainability initiative Fashion for Good has been looking for creatives for its talent project Grow, a three-month program that will start in July 2021. Now, six young creatives have been selected and presented to the public: four fashion designers – Frederieke Broekgaarden, Charlotte Bakkenes, Huong Nguyen and Eva Sonneveld – as well as content creator Christian Mpamo and copywriter Zainab Goelaman.

They were selected from a pool of 119 applicants from across the Netherlands by a jury of creative professionals in a session moderated by Katrin Ley, managing director of Fashion for Good. As part of the Grow talent project, the six young individuals will create an exhibition for the Fashion for Good museum. Innovative, sustainable biomaterials will, for the first time, be used to create sustainable garments by them and together they will create a story around the process.

Grow 2.0 will showcase sustainable garments and their creation process:
“It’s important to test and investigate the properties of these materials that will drive change and have a positive impact on the industry. We’re extremely excited to have the talents experiment and test these biomaterials, and to see the unique creations they will realise through this project,” commented Ley in a press release on Tuesday.

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