Fashion Editors Think These Popular Items Are 100% “Worth It”

Aside from shopping for a living, we, your trusted Who What Wear editors, love to shop for fun too. That said, just like everyone else, we have shopping hits and misses (let’s hear it for free returns!). But we’re reporting for duty to talk about the hits—those items that we had no regrets about purchasing, and would do it again in a heartbeat. And while—trust me—we love to score something on sale, we believe that these 14 items are worth it even at full price.

As to be expected, in the mix of popular “worth it” items are plenty of basics, but also some investment-worthy trends that we think have staying power. So if you’ve ever Googled the term “Is [insert fashion item] worth it?”, you’re probably going to enjoy this piece of content. From our go-to denim to the once-trendy sneakers that remain an enduring fashion-girl favorite, here are the popular items we never regret buying (and don’t think you will either).

“When I first got these New Balance sneakers almost two years ago, I never thought I’d get nearly as much use out of them as I have (and will continue to). Yes, they were “trendy” at one point, but they’re also extremely comfortable and the perfect neutral shade to complement literally any outfit.”

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