Facebook and Spotify will team up on ‘Project Boombox’

Facebook and Spotify will team up on new music features that will allow people to listen to music while they use the Facebook app. Mark Zuckerberg talked about the collaboration during an interview on Discord with Casey Newton, who writes the Platformer newsletter.

The team-up will result in a new in-app audio player that allows Facebook users to stream music from Spotify without leaving the app, according to TechCrunch. Internally, facebook refers to this as “Project Boombox,” CNBC reported. The news comes amid a big push into audio by Facebook, which on Monday announced several new audio features, including the ability to browse and stream podcasts from within the Facebook app.

Recode previously reported the podcast integration would be powered by Spotify. A source close to the streaming company tells Engadget that the new audio player will support both music and podcasts and that there will be options available to paid subscribers, as well as free users. The new player could launch sooner than Facebook’s other audio features, which are still months away.

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