‘Dress Up, Dine Out’ event teams up for food, fashion, gift card incentives

Two storied Philadelphia small businesses are teaming up to encourage people to do two things they may not have done in a while: ‘Dress Up and Dine Out.’

For the next two weeks, when you shop at Boyd’s, either in Center City or Suburban Square in Ardmore, you can earn gift cards to use at any Starr Restaurants.

“Now that the worst parts of COVID we feel are behind us and the city is reopening, traffic and sales and sentiment in the city have all picked up,” said Alex Gushner from Boyd’s. “We all feel that it’s really important to support Philadelphia in its efforts to bounce back from what COVID did to the city.”

Boyd’s has been a Philadelphia staple since 1938.

Like many local businesses, it had a tough year, between shutdowns and vandalism.

They say Philadelphians have worked together to rebuild and recover, now is the time to soak in how far we’ve come as a city.

And also, why not treat yourself after a stressful fourteen months?

“Celebrate and also feel good again about being able to eat inside of a restaurant, which is such a luxury that maybe we didn’t even realize we had until we weren’t able to do so,” Gushner said.

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