Discover The Music Jane Austen Loved

Jane Austen’s witty novels of everyday life for the privileged in 18th century England have captivated readers for over two centuries. More books have been written about Austen than the six novels she published.

But what you might not know is Austen’s inextricable link to music.

Jane Austen loved music. And so did the characters in her books. One of her most cherished heroines, Elizabeth Bennet, played the piano for Mr. Darcy in “Pride and Prejudice.” Music and the piano are an integral part of Anne Elliot’s character, the protagonist in Austen’s sixth and last completed novel “Persuasion.”

“Emma would play better if she practiced more,” said Joan Ray, Austen scholar and Professor Emeritus of English at University of Colorado Colorado Springs, referring to the title character in Austen’s 1816 novel “Emma.”

”There’s a lot of music in Jane Austen’s novels, and that’s what an accomplished young woman was supposed to be able to do,” said Ray, author of “Simply Austen” and “Jane Austen for Dummies.” Read more