Creative In Conversation: Daniela Karnuts Of Luxury Fashion Brand, Safiyaa

It is thought that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And so, meet Daniela Karnuts and her demi-couture brand, Safiyaa.

Sitting elegantly at the intersection of striking and minimal, expect a luxury clothing line that incorporates slick clean lines and block colours. At the heart of the London-based label is confident tailoring, which just so happens to perfectly reflect the self-assured and strong women who don the brand. And there’s plenty of them, from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (remember that red dress) and Michelle Obama to Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet; wall flowers need not apply, Safiyaa is for the smart, stylish, and bold women of today.

Founder and Creative Director, Karnuts discusses her brand journey to date, the game-ganging moments, and how she sees her label evolving.

Felicity Carter: What is your first memory of fashion?
Daniela Karnuts: My mother and my grandmother. I was blessed to be raised by very elegant women who always loved and evolved their own style. My grandmother used to bring me dresses back from her travels which were very unique and inspired my imagination from a young age.