CEO Cyrille Vigneron on what’s next for Cartier

They used to say it was virtually impossible to sell high jewellery online. Times have changed however, and brands such as Cartier have adapted to a post-pandemic digital world where anything is possible.

Cartier recently used online tools to help sell a €2 million jewellery set, although the technology involved wasn’t a simple Zoom call, Cartier chief executive Cyrille Vigneron hastens to add. The sale involved sophisticated tech from Cartier’s high-res studio, which offers detailed, immaculate close-ups, alongside input from stone experts and models on call.

Cartier has started the post-Covid era on a high note and is ready to forge ahead on the back of a surge in luxury jewellery sales. Last week, it unveiled a new high collection, Sixième Sens, with the elegant landscape of Italy’s Lake Como as the backdrop. Cartier treated its guests in Italy with the utmost care: events at the Villa d’Este, a 16th-century royal residence converted into a luxury hotel, and a seaplane ride over the lakes. The new collection highlights included a new multi-million euro Tutti Frutti necklace, Udyana. And once again, Cartier set up its high-res studio to enable those who couldn’t fly in to participate.