Bloomingdale’s launches reduced-footprint Bloomie’s concept

Department store retailer Bloomingdale’s has announced that it is launching a new, smaller retail concept under the name “Bloomie’s,” with a first location set to open in Fairfax, Virginia on August 26.

Taking its name from the affectionate nickname given to the brand by its fans, the new concept will make its debut at Fairfax’s Mosaic District shopping center. This first store will measure approximately 22,000 square feet, a significant reduction from full-size Bloomingdale’s locations, which can sprawl across more than 200,000 square feet.

As explained by Bloomingdale’s CEO Tony Spring in a release, Bloomie’s seeks to offer customers “everything they love about Bloomingdale’s in a highly edited, convenient, and unexpected way.”

The concept is being touted as a “style and service destination” and will feature fashion and beauty for both men and women, presenting a product offering that rotates regularly throughout the week in order to keep the assortment fresh and novel for returning customers.

The store will also offer a new tech-enabled model, a drop box for returns, stylist appointments, alteration and personalization services, and a restaurant experience in the form of a branch of popular DC area chain Colada Shop, which will serve coffee, cocktails and Cuban snacks.
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