Blogger Sarah Belle’s favorite ‘70s-inspired fashion and home items

This content creator’s style is a hybrid of Carol Brady and Kacey Musgraves.

Sarah Belle, 27, began her YouTube channel with nearly 350,000 subscribers more than a decade ago. Known as “SarahBelle93x,” she flaunted her signature preppy style that has since evolved from Lilly Pulitzer dresses and bubble statement necklaces.

“I grew up in Northern Kentucky and where I’m from is ‘country club chic,’” she told The Post. “When I went to college, I embodied that style thinking I was in Vogue. It was a little frustrating putting myself in a box when I wanted to try other fashion trends.”

Moving to sunny California, Sarah traded in her Jack Rogers and long strands of pearls for more contemporary and modern pieces, like chunky gold hoops and fringe crossbody bags.

“Especially when moving to California, I started branching out gradually with every style possible. The black skinny jean phase trying to be edgy and the boho phase included,” she said. “Now, I don’t put myself in a box and just buy what I want to buy. No branding, I’m just Sarah Belle.”

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