Ashley Olsen Made A Case For Pairing Flip-Flops With Suiting

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As if to formally mark the beginning of sandal season, Ashley Olsen was spotted on Friday night wearing a pair of flip-flops. What’s more, The Row designer styled her strappy sandals — that many deem fit only for indoor use or a day at the beach — with an oversized, navy blue coat, a slouchy blue button-down, and navy blue trousers for dinner in New York City.

The beach staple has been undergoing a renaissance in the fashion world ever since #GanniGirls begun to pair them with leopard print prairie dresses in 2018. Still, few dare to wear them in the city, where anything could splash, squish, or smack our almost completely bare feet. Unlike other sandals that have some sort of protective barrier on the sides, or are elevated off the ground, flip-flops offer little to no protection from the street. And yet, the CFDA winner and all-around style icon Olsen makes a strong case for wearing them out — and pairing them with suiting.

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