AR/VR Prescription Vision Tester by Gamma Scientific

Gamma Scientific announced that its innovative new offering, NED Rx Tester, was chosen to be a 2023 SPIE Prism Awards Finalist in the category of Test and Measurement.
The NED Rx Tester is the world’s first test system allowing AR/VR device makers to fully test their headsets across a broad range of human vision corrections including astigmatism, nearsightedness (myopia), and farsightedness (hypermetropia).
The technology provides comprehensive testing, measurement, and verification for manufacturers to embed their end users’ custom eye prescriptions into vision-corrected AR/VR equipment. Gamma Scientific strives to create a safe, seamless, and impactful digital experience while maintaining highquality see-through performance metrics.
AR/VR manufacturers can easily integrate these test platforms into high-volume production environments—extending their reach to 75% of the adult population who require vision-corrected glasses worldwide. The fully automated software test suite provides immediate insight, as well as comprehensive measurements for analysis after testing.

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